Baby Alert!

Sunkerz is preggers!!!
It’s crazy amazing that my best friend I’ve known since kindergarten is having a baby girl in two months! She looks NOTHING close to pregnant, but it’s real! Her tummy is growing and the little baby inside is moving and kicking :]

I’m super excited!
Baby shower pics coming next!


Lucky Number

Always brings a smile to my face when my lucky number appears :)

What’s yours?

Graffitski on Exposition Blvd.

SPOTTED! AHMAZING graffiti wall on Exposition Blvd near Pico & Barrington in West LA! I was so excited I almost peed in my pants. Okay, I’ll shut up now. The photos will do all the describing.

That was fun :)

Dolewhip in WeHo

I thought Dolewhip was something you can only get in Hawaii… but I was wrong!!! When I saw the $5 for $10 deal on Groupon, I immediately got it without even thinking because I was so excited to discover the creamy delicious pineapple flavored soft serve that I LOVE in this city!

The half eaten one is the raspberry flavor with pineapples (someone just couldn’t wait..) and the other one is the infamous pineapple flavor with mangoes. YUM! If you’ve never tried them, or have and must get them now go here:

House of Dolewhip
7901 Santa Monica Blvd, Ste 106
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Seriously, it’s deeelish :)

Minnesota State Fair

All kinds of deep fried food, colorful carnival rides, food on sticks, palm sized gummy bears… YES! The Minnesota State Fair! I finally made it to the 2nd biggest state fair in America! Walking around the HUGE fair grounds for 8 hours definitely killed my feet, but I was able to take many fun pictures along the way… Enjoy!

The color of the sky was so beautiful towards the end of the fair and I’m very pleased with the photos taken when the carnival lights lit up.

Minnesota, I miss you already!

Minnesota Graffiti Trains

After seeing the tagged trains at the Art In The Streets exhibition, and making them on my own, I really wanted to find actual tagged trains. THEN my friend told me about these hidden tracks where they store trains. As a result of driving around for about 30min… I FOUND EM!

I took WAY more pictures but these were probably the best out of the bunch.


Next Post: State Fair!

Minnesota Antiquing

Minneapolis/St. Paul are by far the BEST cities I’ve ever gone antique shopping! I visited a few antique malls/stores, and out of all of them my favorite stores were Hunt & Gather and Succotash. They had amazing pieces that were very affordable and I would’ve done some major damage and bought the whole entire store if I lived within driving distance.

My purchases were a couple dresses, a few bags (including this amazing bowling bag), maps, and some little chachkies. Pictures of those items will be posted soon…

Next post: Graffiti Hunt!