Labor Day Wknd: Minnesota Trip!

This past Labor Day weekend, I decided to make a trip over to Minnesota. It was my first trip to the Twin Cities, so I was UBER excited! Unlike Los Angeles, there was so much greenery and the not-so-crowded streets made it feel so refreshing.

I also had their famous JUICY LUCY burgers — which are patties with melted cheese in the middle. Mmmm yummmm…

Next post: Antiquing!


Antique Mirrors & Glass Knobs

Recently, I came across this blog called Cupcakes and Cashmere written by Emily. She posts original photographs which she takes herself that are absolutely beautiful, and her posts gave me a lot of inspiration. Among the many inspirational posts I found two that I decided to do for my apartment!

1. Antique Mirrors
She has an amazing collection of antique gold mirrors which she found at flea markets, and assembled them together to create this beautiful wall decor.

2. Glass Knobs
I always loved glass knobs but who knew that you could use them to hang jewelry. Thank you Emily for the inspiration!!!

Rose Bowl Flea Market

It was SO big and SO hot that I definitely need to go back again in the winter!

DIY: NY Graffiti Trains

Inspired by the 1980’s New York graffiti trains at the Art In The Streets exhibition, I really really wanted them that I decided to make them on my own.

What you’ll need:
Model Trains (comes in various different sizes – I got the HO scale)
Graffiti decal
-Bowl of water

Step 1: Cut the graffiti decal you want to put onto the train and soak in water for a few seconds until it detaches from the blue paper.

Step 2: Carefully place the decal onto the train.

Step 3: Lightly press the decal onto the train using the sponge.

That’s it!!!

They’re super easy and fun to make!! I put them on display in my living room and I LOVE EM :]

Graffiti Hunt!

Driving down Sunset from Downtown going west…

There were WAAAAAYYYY more out there.. MUST GO BACK!


Two weekends ago, I made a trip to Chinatown to hit up this cool store called Fong’s. They sell a bunch of interesting things including a miniature size of their own store (I’m actually not sure if that’s on sale), but my main purpose was to buy their handmade jewelry (photos of jewelry coming soon!!).

I love the red lanterns and all the colors that surround you. They sure have odd looking mannequins though…

Current Obsession: Warehouse turned Loft

Lately I find myself dreaming about living in a warehouse turned loft. The amount of open space and natural light make the idea so appealing. When I get my very own warehouse loft, I want it to have a vintage feel to it with lots of wood and antique furniture pieces. A few modern pieces as accents would be cool too.

Some inspiration…